Below are some of the things I have done to incorporate 21st Century Skills in my school and our library. I try to never feel like I have to do it all. I set a goal to try something new perhaps each month or quarter. If it works out, GREAT, if not, I don't give up!

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • we use The Big6 research process in our school to help students solve information problems. My Big6 lessons include suggestions for practical use of the process (ex.: buying a new cell phone) in addition to class assignments.
  • incorporate media literacy as a key part of critical thinking - students evaluate food ads/labels, print advertising, television advertising, and online advertising such as that often found on social networking sites.

Creativity and Innovation

Collaboration, Teamwork & Leadership
  • created a wiki ( that I have used to collaborate with teachers. It's where I do some of my planning and communicating. My teachers are not as interested in my wiki as I'd like them to be, but it only takes one or two to get the ball rolling. One of my teachers recently asked me to help her set up a wiki for the English small step!
  • worked to get a schoolwide research process (The Big6) added as one of the action steps for our school improvement plan.
  • routinely share with teachers ideas to incorporate 21st Century Skills -
    • digital timeline of the events leading to the American Revolution using PhotoStory - students worked together to research events, plan their timeline, create it with PhotoStory, and present it to the class
    • developed "pink ink" note taking method
    • one teacher and I worked together on a blog which she used for a novel study - It didn't work out the way we hoped it would, and it ended up being a lot of work for both of us. We aren't giving up! We're going to try a wiki next.
  • collaborated with other librarians in my county using my wiki, CharlotteTheLibrarian, to prepare a presentation for the board of education, to remind them of the value we add to our schools -

Crosscultural Understanding
  • As a culminating activity for seventh grade study of Asia, I do a storytelling activity and teach the students chopstick ettiquette prior to their trip to a Japanese style restaurant. I also teach the students how to use chopsticks, and give them an opportunity to practice.
Communication & Media Literacy
  • I'm on Facebook, and have gradually been invited to be friends with my students. At last count, I had 53 friends. This is a great place to tell about books I read, remind students about library events, etc.
  • This year our Technology Facilitator and I will be sponsoring activities during Teen Tech Week, March 6-11, that will promote safety awareness on social networking sites.

Computing & ICT Literacy
Career & Learning Self-reliance
*As you can see, I am not proficient in any of the areas. I am as they say, a work in progress.