In September 2010, I participated in a ten day online webinar sponsored by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21). At their site you can click on Events and News where you will see the link for the Cyber Summit. When Mike Easley was Governor, his adiministration became inovlved with P21. You may be familiar with the P21 Framework that gives an overview of teaching and learning in the 21st century. Below are some of the highlights from these sessions.

This PPT highlights just a few of the many ideas from my experience with the Cyber Summit.

WHY focus on 21st century learning? Consider how quickly the world is changing. Imagine what it will be like in just 20 or 30 years. What do we need to do to prepare our children for the changes that we really can't yet identify? This is where imagination and creativity are important.

WHAT are the 21st Century Skills? According to Ken Kay and P21, these skills are the 3 Rs and the 4 Cs. We all know the three r's, but what are the four c's?
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration and Team Building
  • Creativity and Innovation

What does a 21st Century classroom look like? Lots of technology, but the instruction drives the technology, not the other way around. If you go to the Cyber Summit website, you can view video clips that demonstrate effective uses of technology and 21st Century Skills at all levels.

How can you make it happen?
  • Dispell the myths - age of tech users, who benefits, teachers vs. administrators views about technology
  • Amp up 21st Century Skills in Teacher Education programs
  • Incorporate Project Based Learning
  • Media Literacy - very important
  • Lead by example
  • Stay connected with savvy 21st Century people
  • Subscribed to a couple of list serves such as Accomplished Teacher (NBPTS) and EdBrief (EdTech)
  • Take small steps, they're better than never stepping out at all

There is so much out there, so when you're feeling overwhelmed, just picture yourself HERDING CATS!