On this page I share other resources I've used with teachers to help incorporate the many resources that allow students to collaborate, create, think critically, and communicate. Please feel free to share any ideas you have.

Word Clouds - such as Wordl and Tag Crowd - have students create a thoughtful list of words that describe a character in a book, concepts in science class, cause and effect events of a war, etc.

Glogster - More FUN than a "blog" - You can use this resource to enhance the study of just about any concepts. Go to glogster.com and just do a search for the Big6 or Library. This will get your ideas going.

Webspiration - Create graphic organizers on the web for FREE (?)...This site includes lots of templates that can be adapted to your needs. The only downfall is you can't copy your graphic organizers and put them in another document.

Wikis - there are lots of ways to use a wiki! You can collaborate with teachers and students. Students can collaborate with one another.