Thank you to everyone who participated in my session, "Herding Cats!" at the ECU L2L Networking Summit. I hope you found something useful in your experience. Since Saturday, my mind has pondered the dilemma about how many of you are working in schools and school libraries that are not adequately equipped with the necessary technology to meet the requirements of 21st Century Teaching and Learning. I wish I had been able to offer some advice then, but sometimes I need time to reflect on a problem. This morning I came up with a few suggestions:
  • Definitely talk to your Principal about the need to improve technology in your school and library
  • If you have a Media Director at your Central Office, go to them - see what they can do, there are many grants and other ways to get funding for technology
  • Take it to your county commissioners (obviously that won't be easy in today's economy, but it's worth trying) Carteret County used bond money voted for by tax payers rather than raising taxes
  • Remind everyone that in order for teachers and students to meet the NEW Common Core State Standards AND the requiremnts of the NEW teacher evaluation instrument, schools are going to have to have sufficient access to technology
I hope these strategies will be helpful to you.

FINALLY, I invite you to join my wiki and contribute your ideas. As I said in my presentation, I'm certainly no expert, but I am learning, and trying new things, and I hope you will too! :o)

Here we are already TEN years into the 21st Century, and I still keep wondering what is it going to feel like! Well, here is the place where I will begin to explore this concept more faithfully. I started this journey last year, but haven't really revisited it until recently. Below are some of the things I discovered while preparing for our School Improvement Plan:

The biggest thing I've discovered is that keeping up with 21st Century Skills is like

One way to keep up is to find a few resources that you really like, and check in on them regularly.

Educational Origami - One blogger I really like is a guy who calls himself "andrewch", his real name is Andrew Churches. He has a wiki and a blog called "Educational Origami." I like his description of what a 21st Century Teachers is, and would like to share it. Click the link below to go to his blog.

Conscious Competence - from educational origami - This is a great way to look at different levels of knowledge or lack of...